Stereolab The Way Will Be Opening Lyrics

Super-Electric Track Listing
10" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Super-Electric
  • 2 High Expectation
  • 3 The Way Will Be Opening
  • 4 Contact
  • The Way Will Be Opening
    Total insubordination
    Complete revolt, formal sabotage
    Still it must be stressed that on this port
    There is no room for compromise
    Faint, all our crime is crime of physical setting
    Except inside the mind (All inside the mind)
    How come more and more futile
    The American dream is the fertilize? (oh the fertilize)
    Nothing at all can be expected
    Except for the use of violence
    Nothing at all cvan be changed if
    Evolution turned us to silence
    Confrontations clearing the way
    Will be opening (will be opening)
    Not as en d in itself
    But as a beginning (as a beginning)

    Written by: Laetitia Sadier, Timothy John Gane
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, DOMINO PUBLISHING COMPANY

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