Jag Panzer The Watching Lyrics

Ample Destruction Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Licenced to Kill
  • 2 Warfare
  • 3 Symphony of Terror
  • 4 Harder than Steel
  • 5 Generally Hostile
  • 6 The Watching
  • 7 Reign of the Tyrants
  • 8 Cardiac Arrest
  • 9 The Crucifix

  • Your time has come the full moon's in the air
    Hear the cry of the jackal in the hills
    Scent of smoke fills your nostrils
    as the wind blows back your hair
    Paint the canvas black if you will

    Watch out there's a man who wants your soul
    It won't be long till he finds you
    Don't look back at the shadow on the wall
    With hands outstretched to grab you
    So don't let the reaper catch you sitting still. NO!

    Feel the touch on your shoulder as you turn your head around
    Take heed, my friend, of the reaper's blade
    Oh, come, you happy hearted, let your empty minds be filled
    Don't let your hallowed soul be betrayed

    Fix your eyes on the crowd, don't let your stare astray
    See them practice magic in the air
    As they cry their incantations, oh, their damned insinuations
    Mix the sea with the blood moon, but beware

    Blood moon sitting high up in the sky
    Oh, you're the spotlight that can kill
    Blood moon bleeding on the world tonight
    It will take your heart and change your will
    "So don't let the reaper catch you sitting still!"

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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