Saint Vitus The War Starter Lyrics

Born Too Late Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 Born Too Late
  • 2 Clear Windowpane
  • 3 Dying Inside
  • 4 H.A.A.G.
  • 5 The Lost Feeling
  • 6 The War Starter
  • And I will see a thousaint more
    I have heard the childrens cry
    And I have seen their bodies fry
    You know me, you've seen my face
    All around this wretched place
    You can call me warrior
    But I'm actually the war starter

    Long ago in days of old
    I gave you clubs then broadswords
    Now you use machinery
    New toys of war, new toys for me
    You've elected one of my
    Right-hand men to lead your kind
    After war saves your economy
    He'll soothe you with artificial peace

    Mushroom clouds, atomic fright
    Burning winds, your towns ignite
    I have taught you very well
    How to create your own Hell
    Blind mice follow their leaders
    No one wins, it's the end of class
    Puch your button and you 've passed

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