Nocturnal Rites The Vision Lyrics

Tales of Mystery and Imagination Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Dark Secret
  • 2 Lost in Time
  • 3 Test of Time
  • 4 Change the World
  • 5 End of the World
  • 6 The Vision
  • 7 Warriors Return
  • 8 Pentagram
  • 9 Eye of the Demon
  • 10 Ring of Steel
  • 11 The Curse
  • 12 Burn in Hell
  • 13 Living for Today (demo)
  • Look through the darkness the vision of life
    then tell me what do you see.
    A dream you believe is a life you can't see
    something existis but can never be.
    You will wake up but not from a dream
    when you wake up it will be for real
    The feeling is real and so is the pain
    Wherever you go it'll be the same

    You cant believe you're trapped inside.
    this can't be real, wake up in time
    before it's too late, beforeyou've crossed the line

    Don't overlook the eye of your mind
    when the eye of that vision is a piece of another time.
    Forever beware of what you dream
    The vision is so closed behind.

    The vision you saw the eye of your mind
    a dark side of you never meant to be.
    The reason of being inside of this dream
    something you never tought you would see.
    The fury of madness the power of dreams
    You could be safe so let visions be
    You hold the secret the vision inside
    Keep the knowledge and seal it inside
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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