Ransom The Unlucky Lyrics

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I was sitting in my cell, headphones in my ear
Confusing all the ramney still I heard it loud and clear
I knew once I was out they would have something to fear
Now I’m here, they don’t care
But I swear they best to prepare
Then I did best to compare
Yea we scared the rest of the year
I will tear the rest of my pears
If they dare to mess with my chair
Cuz grome, it’s a Game of Thrones
And winter’s coming, niggas hunting
We gon break them bones
Bu I’m facing closing, yea we gunnin’
But I play your role
When I ain’t exploding, leave that money
If you ain’t know then it’s best to find out
Church put me on timeout
Big niggas that wime out
Caged up and no signs out
Broke payphones and no dialout
Still holdin’ my team up
Married to the game and no prenup
Niggas holdin’ my dreams up
Now I’m puttin’ all the red beams up
Hot as hell when I steam up
Like me a saint and I’m teamed up
I’mma catch me a mic vic
Cuz I ain’t never gon see love
I aint’ never gon freeze up
When it come to that big stuff
Fuck all of you handshakes
I ain’t never gon peace up
Yet my emotions get the best of me
Locked away in prison, niggas couldn’t even ‘tempt for me
There’s a lot of niggas that was wishin’ on the death of me
I heard that niggas prayin’ when the bitch came and arrested me
I ain’t gonna lie, there’s still a lot of pain that’s left in me
But I never let it get the best of me
Now I’m back in them streets now
Y’all niggas gonna pay dearly
Panel back in that bitch dine
Y’all niggas gonna stay fear me
Better back to that eve now, y’all know not to come near me
There’s no spots to compare me
I rode rock when they oak rock
Them hoes drop when they fear me
I sold rocks in them dough blocks
Flow shots to them old cops
I won’t stop til my throat pop
But still I am a fly nigga
Maybe all the pills I’m poppin’ made me die quicker
Imagine all the poison runnin’ through this guy’s liver
They say it’s better grieve equivalent than God fisher
I ain’t got no more for this
But a nigga did go on from this
You could be another name on my extortion list
Please don’t be another name on my extortion list

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