TISM The Tism Boat Hire Offer Lyrics

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Just come on down to TISM boat hire -
When you wanna do a line no one will reproach ya
When you dangle it from the side of a little six stroker.

Vote for Boat

Rock 'n' roll stars, they tend to suicide,
But that don't seem so romantic when you're worried 'bout the tide -
Bon Scott, Jimi Hendrix, they'd be alive this week
If they just went fishing from Mordialloc Creek.

Don't wanna be the bad boys of rock;
Don't want my morality to cause anyone shock;
I just want a leitmotif that can float:
Don't want Guns 'n' Roses, I just wanna boat.

In the electorate of rock, be a smart thinker
Vote For Boat
Give it all up for hook, line and sinker
Vote For Boat
Vote with your feet; rock's had its day
Vote For Boat
Your new electorate is out on the bay
Vote For Boat
Wanna break out of rock's gerrymander?
Vote For Boat
Go out trawling for salamander
Vote For Boat
If you're axe king or disco, metal or rapper
Vote For Boat
Give it all up, and go catch some snapper

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