Kirk Franklin The Story of Fear Lyrics

Hello Fear Track Listing
  • 1 Hello Fear
  • 2 The Story of Fear
  • 3 Before I Die
  • 4 I Am
  • 5 But The Blood
  • 6 Everyone Hurts
  • 7 I Smile
  • 8 Give Me
  • 9 Never Alone (interlude)
  • 10 The Altar
  • 11 Something About The Name Jesus, Part 2
  • 12 Today
  • 13 The Moment #1
  • 14 The Moment #2
  • 15 A God Like You
  • Alright, Kirk
    It's on you bro

    I can't sing but I am gonna work hard for you to like me
    Didn't dream 'cause if I failed then I might be
    What they said I was
    Could I ever say I did it?
    Tell ye now that I am second to admit it
    Insecure, I can't understand the application
    If I applied myself, I guess there would be no situation

    But who teaches who when every day's in a substitute?
    I try to plant love, but it never took root
    My soul's got weeds and the roots are too deep
    The roots don't sail 'cause the roots are too deep
    Wait A-D-D see my roots too deep
    A kid too afraid to close his eyes and sleep
    Can't you hear me stutter every time I speak?

    Fear said hello when she left me weak
    Loved me and left me with abandonment issues
    Pain's a secret but it illuminates in you
    Then it creates a menu, puts sin on your plate
    You don't know until later how much of it you ate
    Now I'm watchin' my weight
    Will this album be my best one
    But if it's not ya'll on to the next one

    So hello fear it's about time we speak
    But it may take awhile 'cause our roots run deep

    Eh man, we gotta get that one more time
    We had a technical difficulty in here

    Written by: Kirk Franklin
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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