Holy Blood The Spring Lyrics

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The light amongst the ice, the winter has ended
The cold of ice has melted, springtime has come
Melted heart, full of fire
Lai-la-la-la, the spring has came!

The warmth flows down from heaven, straight into everyone's heart
Springtime will come for those, who search Him
You are the warmth, You are the springtime of the whole land
When the winter disappears, there You are

Holy Lord, You are love
You are The Spring of my life
My love, my life
You are The Springtime, E-he-hey!

The land is full
Of tears of despair
And full of disillusionment
As the sharp winter
The land strives in search
Of celestial warmth
For God’s springtime
To come for frozen souls

The Spring, hey!!!
The Spring, hey!!!

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