Hands Like Houses The Sower Lyrics

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I wade through the earth, sowing my own,
Bound up in discords spread in the stones,
Planted deep into ready fears.
Soak in these heavy rains,
Break from your chrysalis beneath the clay.
Though I'll leave you behind, I'm all the while wanting
To make my way home, all the while watching
To see just how you've grown.

I'm the seeds among you, I am emerald blades
With other sides and deeper shades.
I'm the weeds among you, I'm constriction.
I'm the tightness in your chest.
I could ruin you.

I am the horizon, the sinking sun.
I'm the buried, the believer, the tomorrow that will come.

Convict me of the devils in the details,
Of these crimes. So meticulous were we.
I'll plead guilty to every taken chance.

I am tangled machinery, I am wreckage.
Distinguish the scars, between the pleasure as you dragged me down
Or the shards as they dragged you free.

I am the knotted anchors below the ground.
I'm the shadow that weighs you down.
I'm the ghost on your lips, the phantom's kiss.
I'm the page of your book that's missing. Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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