Gary Numan The Skin Game Lyrics

Machine + Soul Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Machine and Soul
  • 2 Generator
  • 3 The Skin Game
  • 4 Poison
  • 5 I Wonder
  • 6 Emotion
  • 7 Cry
  • 8 U Got the Look
  • 9 Love Isolation
  • Your welcome to fame
    Your welcome to try
    I've been on TV, sold my face to you

    Your welcome to love
    Your welcome to me
    I burned my dream, sold my heart, nobody knew

    Listen children
    I've seen my future
    Call it the dead line for now
    I've heard secrets
    I've heard excuses
    I've heard a voice in the dark

    You're waiting for me
    You've made a mistake
    I'll give you nothing but lies, or nothing at all

    I'm playing a game
    I'm playing with you
    I call it shameful, 'The skin game', don't you?
    You're playing it cold
    (Ripping it up)
    You're playing for time
    (I don't like pictures)
    You're breaking my rules and I won't let you go

    I'm looking for you
    (Welcome to me)
    Somebody screamed
    (It's no use talking)
    I've connections with God, what do you need?

    Lost in junk sick
    No sleep no motion
    She said 'I've nothing to lose'
    Love sick? Skin game
    Welcome to romance
    She's like the heart of the world

    I'm still breathing
    Welcome to my house
    I'd steal from God wouldn't you?
    One more question
    Am I in danger?
    Rumours, and I've got the fear

    Looking for you
    Is it any wonder?
    Tearing it up
    I'm living on empty

    Written by: Gary Anthony Webb, Gary Anthony James Webb
    Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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