KorovaKill The ShadowHordes Lyrics

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For Relief seems to wait there so glorious
Dreadful Wails echo from frozen Stone
Drill through my Head in a Rush of enchanting...

...Lives & Deaths & Understanding,
Blent for evermore -
Staring at this false Illusion's Fall

White is the purest Beginning
Red are the Blood & the Fire
Blue is the Greater Dimension
Black is the enshadowed Light
That guides the Blind!

Enshadowed -
The Beast of Dogs and Wolves and Scum
In the Pit of a Thrillion Myriad Haunters
The ShadowHordes ride on

The Beast of Dogs and Wolves and Scum
The Stampede of a Trillion Myriad Horses-
The ShadowHordes rave on

All silent Devils awake from their Sleep
All once Killed and the Sins deeply hidden
Bestial Wars cleansing all that survived
With the Scorpio the Gatekeeper's Shadows rise

Red is their Sword of Aggression
Red are their Stallions Eyes
Black is their Shield of Deception
Drunken the ShadowHordes ride

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