Akinyele The Robbery Song Lyrics

Put It in Your Mouth Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Put It in Your Mouth
  • 2 The Robbery Song
  • 3 In the World
  • 4 Fuck Me for Free
  • 5 Thug Shit
  • Hook
    Niggas know we do robberies, we ain't running up in no crib for 2 G's
    We want about 50 Thou and 4 Ki's
    And maybe after that we just might breath
    But if you think it can't happen, nigga please
    We put you on your knees, like you was praying
    We ain't playing
    It's the O-FFI-CIAL, O-RIG-INAL, SEASON-AL, motherfucking CRIMI-NALS

    You know the format, ringing your bell, standing on your doormat
    'Who Is It?" Thats your sentence
    Looking through the peephole with your eyes squinching
    Too late, we kicked the door off the hinges
    I heard you selling stacks of crack getting mad-tracked
    Thats why we in your place, throwing your face in the carpet
    With the rug rats, where the drugs at, FUCK THAT!
    I represent broke niggas who ain't no joke nigga
    Bullets rolled in Bamboo cause we here to smoke niggas
    And fuck them uppercuts, like we here to fight you up
    Man, we hang you from a chandalier and light you up
    We like free delivery cause we take niggas out
    Leaving you cracking like Daffy with duct tape on your mouth
    And roping you with strings and tessles squeezing your blood vessel
    Leaving your ass tied up like pretzels
    Ak to the Inye to the Le, rolling with real G's
    Doing these official robberies Yes!


    I'm on some Mike Tyson ex-wife shit kid
    Thats how I'm living
    Cause when I start robbing, you'd better start giving
    How else you think the money's supposed to come thats why
    When I need bread I grab the toaster and stick niggas for they crumbs
    I extort as you get stuck for bucks
    Whether its in airplanes or airports cause I don't give a flying fuck
    I drop it like an incinerator was the topic
    Cause I'll be damned if you ain't
    I'll empty in your pockets
    Shake you like Gelatin, and for all you good semaritans playing hero
    Akinyele put one in your belly
    And leave your stomachs looking like the number 0
    As a rob like work cause I need mad dinero
    Cream, like Vaseline put you in Intensive Care
    With the Tech 9 backing you up like spines
    Taking your materialistic things like rings
    Like your ho, your doe, gold and diamonds
    I turned this art into art-tillery
    With guns that bark to keep them from killing me
    On point, like a sword cause I always stay on board
    Ready to clap a stinking victim like a fucking applause
    Anywhere, anyplace
    Even if you got condoms in your wallet
    That don't mean your money's safe
    So act like you not having it when I start grabbing it
    Guns in your face (gibberish) like you talk Arabic
    Holding a Mac that I pimp like a mack
    But some of you macks, never find a Mac
    Ever since you lost that job at McDonalds
    But I know that I'll Mork your ass like Nanu-Nanu
    By putting one shell in your head like a rhino
    Or I'll do to 2 to your head
    Before I damn wanted to let you know that you ain't who's hot
    And you niggas not making it home in the fucking morning


    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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