Stevie Stone feat. Wrekonize , Magnum PI & Bernz The Road Lyrics

Rollin' Stone Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Get Buck
  • 3 808 Bendin'
  • 4 Perfect Stranger
  • 5 Cast Out
  • 6 Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
  • 7 Oneness
  • 8 My Remedy (Skit)
  • 9 My Remedy
  • 10 Dollar General
  • 11 Raw Talk
  • 12 Goin' Down
  • 13 Mosh
  • 14 2 Far
  • 15 My Life
  • 16 The Road
  • [Intro - Stevie Stone]
    This song goes out to all my brothers
    That went out on the All 6's and 7's tour
    (When we travel the road)
    We was bonded together
    We reached some of our highest highs
    And our lowest lows
    When we...
    (When we travel the road)
    MJ forever

    [Hook - Stevie Stone]
    When we travel the road
    Livin' our dreams
    Through the highs and the lows
    When we travel the road
    I'll cherish these things
    And the memories I'll hold

    [1st Verse - Stevie Stone]
    As I traveled the road
    The road is the life
    Microphone bright lights
    Different town e'ry night
    Havin' time outta bounds
    Violently came to light
    No real explanation, reality bites
    Through the highs and the lows
    We'll continue to fight
    Have to cope with one of our brothers
    And losing his life
    Life is the road and my vision is clearer
    Reminiscing about Michael Jones
    As I look in the mirror
    Thinkin' about ya
    And I know that you hear me
    Gone in the flesh, but I feel you in spirit
    We be ridin' together
    You forgotten we'll never (we'll never)
    Reppin' MJ forever


    [2nd Verse - Magnum PI]
    Highs and the lows
    I might die in approach
    Of what I feel is a need
    To be on top in the rope
    Eyes wide, do this professional
    I hope that regression don't
    Put me out of pocket like that no more
    Man the nerve of this bitch
    Take everything that you workin' to get
    Put all 'em blessings around 'em within
    Take everybody from round you again, and again, and again
    I know that you see that they want me to win
    I know that you love me but than it depends
    On how much I love this, groupies and budgets
    Back on the road, but without my brother
    Without my friend, he was another
    MJ dead, Dad's in a coma, Maylene had passed
    I was in motion, but fuck it!
    So is this what I get for believing in dreams?
    What Momma give for believing in king
    TDE, Strange believe in the team


    [3rd Verse - Wrekonize]
    Road life, Mad Maxin' it
    Pullin' the summer stunts
    And tryin' not to fall into the Devil's hand
    Which smothers us
    I woke up late a couple months
    Thought I saw my brother once
    Some of us still dream to bleed revenge
    Out of those fuckin' punks
    My home is temporary
    My smiles are soaked in whiskey sour
    Bring the betty tell it let me
    Better get me in the back
    Up in the medley in a half an hour
    Fightin' to get your shower
    But I gotta get back to stage
    Which is where I draw my power
    To get the best in the last of days
    This music's very Strange
    Seems like a family thing
    Movin' around the usual towns
    Aluminum sound
    I'm gonna get a Master's grade
    I'm heading back today
    I'm getting back to pay
    Home seems to fade away
    The road's a crazy place


    [4th Verse - Bernz]
    At first nobody's
    Tryna be the life of that party
    When I live a life that's so Mötley
    Got a dream that's beyond me
    Hit the road, like it hit me first
    Like a muthafucka got that thirst
    Cause I've got these things
    I've got to do, before January 1st
    Gotta do it for the fallen sensai's
    Gotta do it for the man named MJ
    When I do it, I'mma do it like it's summer
    When I do it, cause I've got one chance to get this
    Heaven knows my darkest lessons
    No need for retrogression
    Take heed from all the MC's
    Tryna feed you hidden messages
    Payment for the aimless
    Live fast, stay young and nameless
    Hopin' these fans can save us
    Cause my shit's so we all famous
    When a team that's Stone
    I'mma call home where ever I go
    Don't use the phone
    I'mma see you when I get back home from the road

    [Hook X2]

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