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Virgin Steele Lyrics

Fall to your knees, repent please, oh yeah

Down from the mountains the elders came
With a message for man
Fire and brimstone will follow you all
To the ends of the earth
As sure as the stars shine down on you
You must never look back
Abandon all hop ye who enter here
Spoke the man in black

Lead us from temptation
Help us find the way
Show me the direction
That leads to my salvation

Inscribed in blood on the scroll of life
Was the auracle's will
Death and damnation will be your destiny
Purgatory awaits
A thousand curses I invoke on thee
In the name of tonight
A hellish fire will follow you all
Better run for your life

Redeemer save our souls
Redeemer grant us peace
Redeemer save our souls
Redeemer save our souls
We shouldn't have to fight
Let's go all the way tonight

I don't know what you've been told
But you're never too young to rock and roll
I don't know what tomorrow might bring
So let me love and let me sing tonight

So let's go all the way
It's gonna be alright
Let's go all the way
Love me or say goodnight
We shouldn't have to fight
Let's go all the way tonight

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