Galactic Cowboys The Record Ends Lyrics

Let It Go Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 [unknown]
  • 2 T.I.M.
  • 3 A Different Way
  • 4 Life and Times
  • 5 Flag
  • 6 Disney's Spinnin'
  • 7 Hey Mr.
  • 8 Another Hill
  • 9 Dirty Hands
  • 10 Boom!
  • 11 Ordinary
  • 12 Internalize
  • 13 Swimming in December
  • 14 Song for Sybo
  • 15 Future
  • 16 Bucket of Chicken
  • 17 The Record Ends
  • I found an empty box again
    We used to have a passion play
    But something all went wrong at the end of the day.

    And I can't sleep and I can't eat
    See me spin again
    Not too sweet and missed a beat
    But it's how the record ends.

    I love the way the song begins
    But disappointed by the end
    Congratulations go to you
    A special place awaits for all you put me through.

    This is the last song and goodbye
    Don't be a beast at least I gave the thing a try.

    I'm so sorry how this record had to end.

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