Immortal Technique The Rebel Lyrics

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Yeah, yeah...Immortal Technique...(you know) Harlem to South Africa (this how it goes) for the head warmers- Know what I mean
This for my peoples,
Insomniac I can't sleep (It's real son), Mic check (it's real) ey yo, ey yo
I'm a rebel that'll fire missiles at red dawn
But before I issue the order to send bombs I want presidential money like the execs at Enron and gold digg'n porn chicks for me to spend on
But I'ma only pay for one night stay at the Ritz I won't even get you a towel when I spray on your ****
I'm not a misogynist, I just like it when girls are massage'n this so pop **** and I'ma smoke you and your ***** moms I'm ambidextrous the microphone could switch palms
Immortal Technique psychotic ***** to spit calm
Misinterpreted by the media like Islam
I love the underground but not enough chicks in a thong
What the ****, how could beautiful women be wrong
Tech load clips like they were hits from a bong
That was supposed to be the end of the song but it's not
The freestyle got me stuck in the zone I can't stop - brainwash commercial hip-hop the government plot but I'ma shoot down the propaganda stuck in your brain like the military did to the fourth terrorist plane
That was ill but shut the **** up and let me explain
What good is fame and floss'n when you stuck in a coffin and who the **** you gonna run to when I make you an orphan
I'm metamorphosize into something you thought I could never be
Ghetto engineered sickness without a remedy
My heart pumps nitroglycerine and Hennessey
Twisted chemistry cry blood and I bleed venom never subliminal clear with the message I'm sending you
Bending the space time continuum just to get to you and blast you so hard it'll kill the person next to you
So in retrospect remember and don't ****'n forget ya'll walk'n dead people you just don't know it yet...
Yeah, yeah ***** - it's on...You know what time it is- I'm out - Harlem *****
This for all the devils I'm come'n to take your head off