Jon Connor The Rapper’s Rapper Lyrics

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Yes so I ran in to this nigger, he used to hoop in high school that used to have his little hoops whatever, and he ran into me and said hey Conor nigger I see you doing your thing with your music I'm like nigger what you doing now, hey I'm spinning too. Say what?

Crucify me for my point of view
Too many fucking rappers out
People might get confused
I pass out a CD you pass one out make it hard to choose
They make it hard for a true artist to get his doos
They got my life my girl mamma posed this question to me
Say what I do, I said I rap now we both feeling funny
Because her nephew rap too and he ain't getting money
He bullshiting so that's the shit they expecting from me
Lord ain't enough time to explain the difference
But if it was I doubt that she would even wanna listen
For every dop M.C is twenty wack
The world is full with dop rappers they just buried under all the bullshit
See little man won't get his chance cause you sat up with your mans
Yo'll came up where to dance and you're spend a couple grands
While he just wanna make you make you music in his basement
Lyrics high beats blazing cause you nobody taking
Please nigger have a conscience
If it ain't popped off before he get a job its all the same
Look no matter if I switch days everybody spits grades
Nigger got an album wait till I hear the mix tape please

I mean shit just changed man, shit different now man, like just off being a rapper you used to fuck like mad bitches nigger but no more nigger because it's like a fucking locus colony of rappers man now.

Yeah too many niggers with these gimmicks they finally pay attention
Bullshit that you speak that's just as bad as the mixing
One spit his real life other spitting that pretend shit
That consumer ain't never heard either so how they know the difference
See nigger spitting trash everyday polluting speakers
So nationwide birds is what makes people believers
And its sad good or bad we just don't listen to neither
So my message here keep your head up to all my dreamers
We all got a calling and the puck is believe
Lot of niggers rapping cause they think this shit is easy
That's the process that's going through your mind
I'm trying stop you from wasting your money and time
See niggers that be in it for the minute make you where
You hear the time local rappers shit you almost get offended for
All my real niggers spending hours and them dollars in the studio

Keep going gotta get it if you gotta do it cause your heart in it not cause you looking for profit
If that's your motivation you should go back to collage
I know niggers with degrees that ain't where they wanna be
See niggers waste their time is the shit that bother me

I mean certainly good call me crazy I mean if wanna work at McDonald's I'll fill out an application, if I wanna hoop nigger I have to try out nigger, I got to enter the draft nigger, if I wanna be a rapper nigger I gotta know how to read nigger I'm for real, I used to tail females back in the day like yeah you know what I'm saying I'm kinder you know what I mean I rap and they be like ohh shit you rap now days I tell female I rap they gonna tell you I know about four five other niggers that rap. I came nigger is hard to say you a producer nowadays … niggers are all fucked up everybody a producer man. I used to have a double tromp on niggers, I rap and produce nigger, everybody a producer now nigger. Everybody a producer nigger it's too easy man Yo fucked up the balance that shit was the b. It probably cooler to be a regular nigger these days for real.

Season two on the way produced entirely by the world,s greatest music
…… and of course me
Yo'll we got more the lead singers coming for yo'll
Until season two drop
But this is some shit that was on my chest you feeling me
Hey yo it's Conor the people's rapper at Jon Connor music

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