Tracy Lawrence The Questionnaire Lyrics

Vogue magazine, empty coffee cup
Out of curiosity, I picked it up
It said "Does he still love you - turn to page 123"
That's when I realized she had left it there for me

Question number one - Does he still kiss you goodnight?
Number two was if he does, does he still close his eyes?
Three - Does he still call you just to hear you're voice?
Four - Would he be home right now, if he had a choice?

Five's a little tricky, do you think he's being true?
'Cause you're either halfway finished, or you're over halfway through
Six said do you ever cry when you're all by yourself?
Seven - Do you think he'd change if he knew how you felt?

I skipped down to ten
to see what she had written there
It said - do you still love him?
Damn that questionnaire

Written by: Aaron Barker, Phillip A. Douglas, Ron Harbin
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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