Vasaria The Presence Lyrics

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The Presence

Imagine yourself in a distant far off area in a far off
Place you've never been or known of before...

Imagine the full moon illuminating brightly, almost maniacally, through drifting clouds.
The cold night air shimmers as strange sounds emanate from the distance...

Imagine the feeling of extreme confusion, then mortification as you suddenly sense a presence
Before you. It beckons to you, wordless, overpowering. You've never known anything like this
Before. You attempt to utter a sound, a scream but you are unable...

Imagine the fear you felt only moments earlier mysteriously subside.
You're not sure how or why but it all seems beautiful to you.
You recall it with loving remembrance. Meanwhile the presence embarks upon you,
Closer and closer. You attempt again to utter a sound, a moan.
This time you are successful. You welcome the presence with open arms...

It's time...

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