Bobaflex The Predicament Lyrics

[Verse 1]
As a young fool, he'd sling molecule
Made his pickup down south, took this club-kid trick
He thought she side-kicked for Molly, she partied
But her heart was real, he'd find out that night
When this pig pulled them with enough
MDMA to be put away for life
No way, how could this happen today
She said, "It's gonna work out today"
"Let's go home, now. Open your eyes,
I did it for us, the feeling is
mutual, right?"

Baby we'll be fine, as God is my witness,
as God is my witness, we can
get through anything
Cause I shared my love, shared my skin,
endless in this predicament

[Verse 2]
Laughing the cop made his arrest he
pulled her man from the car
She saw sweaty pig glance at her breast
She said, "I'll make a deal with you,
I'll have sex with you"
"I'll do anything you ask, if you let the
love of my life go free tonight"
No way, how did this happen today
She said, "It's going to work out Okay."

[Repeat Chorus]

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