Ice Cube The Predator Lyrics

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You can run but you can't hide from the westside
Night stalker **** talker run and tell them Mr L.M.
***** with the gat and I'm back
Off the everyday prey that I slay
Rolling with the fo' chase ya through South Central
Monkey wrench ho's should know that she'll get the balzac
Cause I'm not staving but **** that
Johnny Carson ho' never had me on the Late Night Show
Coming with the **** that'll hitch
Steady mobbing cause the flavors good
There goes the neighborhood ***** with the third album
How come he don't fall off?
Rolling with the sawed-off gauge
Turn the page of the chapter, caught up in the rapture
But you know Anita, she can get the Pita
Eat 'em up yum, and your flawed
Mutha-**** Billboard and the editor
Here comes the Predator.

Check your head for the new style
**** Lawrence Powell and Presino, Wynd and Koon
Pretty soon we'll **** them like they ****ed us and won't kiss 'em
Riots ain't nothing but dodge for the system
Fighting with the beast, no justice, no peace
If any, even if we **** up Denny
*****z are sick of your white mans tricks with no treat
That's right, now it's on, on sight
You call me a Muslim, no I'm not a resident, still got my vote in
Farrakhan for president, a white America, I'm tearing ya
A new *** ho', who's the ***** with the new black
Strolling to your suburb house and I douse with gas
Now who's cleaning up trash?
Eat 'em up yum, and your flawed
********** Billboard and the editor
Here comes the Predator.

Get my black rag showing and I'm ?
Kiss my grips like ? or Mel's Diner
I'm meaner than a **********ing Hyena, chasing Antelope
Put a chrome to your dome, watch it bust like a Cantelope
I can't stand a rope, so don't try to hang 'em
Talk about dog's, boy I can sling 'em
Ratta-tat-tat on your noggin
Cause Ice will cream your *** like ? chocolate
I get crazy when I catch a rap
Even be flipping the toungue like ? Das-Efx
So who is Ice Cube?
I'm a rapper, actor, macker
Got a little problem with the redneck cracker
Get the polly, whack her, ? is a devil ****-packer
Coming with a crazy pitch
And the statue of Liberty ain't nothing but a lazy *****
Don't want to give up the crack to the black
But you call it racial, if we go and break the ho'
But eat 'em up yum and your flawed
Mother-**** Billboard and the editor
Here comes the Predator

Written by: Ou0027shea Jackson, Mark S Jordan
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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