Holy Blood The Poor World Lyrics

The Wanderer Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Bogatyr Gates in Capital Town in Kiev
  • 2 The Wanderer
  • 3 Kill
  • 4 The Warrior
  • 5 Morning
  • 6 In the Lake of Fire
  • 7 The Poor World
  • 8 The Dnieper
  • 9 On Drakkares of Fate
  • 10 Cold Winds
  • 11 Kill (remix)
  • He has chosen the way for himself, the way of the dark and evil,
    He thought to change the world, and to replace the good with evil,
    He tried in vain, the creature is weaker than its Creator,
    Rebelled against himself, against the happiness he had
    With the hope to win, it will harm his soul,
    He will burn in the flames, which will destroy his soul,

    He struggled against himself, against his happiness

    The poor world has made a banquet,
    It has glorified evil, for himself

    The flame from the mouth of the Lord will burn any kind of riot
    All that stand against the good, all that serve wickedness
    Will burn as the straw, and only shout, but no one can hear
    In the lake of fire, all that serve evil

    Everyone solves for himself, deciding what will be their future
    The eternal flame, or heaven,
    Let yourself hear, believe, let yourself , in order to save your soul fast,
    God hates evil, and all evil is doomed
    And those who will choose evil, doom their soul,
    Burning in fire, destroying the soul

    Blood and fire - and court will begin
    Blood and fire – the mad shout
    Blood and fire – and sky will descend
    Blood and fire - and the evil will burn

    You struggle against yourself,
    against the happiness you struggle to find

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