Jadakiss The People Lyrics

Jadakiss Verse:
This is for the black ra-dio, niggas that play C-lo, always on the d-low, with dreams of a kilo,
It's nice if Jordan hit the jumper on Craig Ehlo, show a stranger love hate on a brother we no,
A lot of niggas got killed because of their ego, either over a bitch or a couple of c-notes,
It's rough in the g-h-e-t-t-o, got to learn how to hear no evil and see no,
I spit nothing but acid like amino, still good for your skin though like aveeno,
Honeys be amazed how my Hershey kiss ring glow, miss being with my grandmother playing bingo,
Whole album is crack not just the singles, its garbage if u put it on your tongue and it don't tingle,
I still be in the hood nigga I let the thing go, bullets gone burn but the razor gone sting though,
Do this for niggas in Coxsackie in a swing yo, got a team out in Louisville like Patino,
Kill you in 88 minutes like Pacino, connects show me how to play dominos and pokeno,
21 nigga I'm robbing all the casinos, name ring bells from Rikers Island to Chino,
Little niggas with choppers hopping out the Camino, who ever didn't get hit evacuated the scene yo,
You know that I don't fuck around let your team no, or one day when you’re out of town I'll let your queen know,
I mean what I say and I say what I mean yo, send you to the hospital first then your spleen yo,
And I ain't trying get funny money I need mean dough, niggas can't fuck with the God come clean yo,
I shit on niggas dreams yo, kiss my ass

Styles P Verse:
This is for the black iPid-od, niggas who still kid-ar, those up north in the yard on the bid-ar,
Whoever throw a 50 of weed in they cigar, couldn’t except when the Jets got Brett Fid-ar,
True New Yorker need money like A-Rid-ar, get out of ya place and your face a get skid-ar,
Use to blow weed with Big out of the jid-ar, ya man could get pluck like a string on the guitar,
You could be this year’s bird and get killed-off, if I'm on the road it's me busy and hit hard,
Real ironic that I get busy and hit hard, hop in the big ass van and drive fiz-ar,
Real hood nigga so never call me a stiz-ar, more like the sun and the moon ask the giz-ard,
Can't understand tight jeans big skid-ars, niggas look half way gay mad bizarre,
Buck shot daily I'm up in the juice bizz-ar, nice on the mic like Cool G, Kane, and Izzard,
4-4 bulldog I’m knocking a nigga rib off, 12 gauge shotgun tearing a nigga lid off,
Kidnap a girlfriend dropping a nigga kid off, connect with the bricks they droppin a nigga shit off,
Drop top then get it popping when it skid off, Louch, Kiss, and me is the best who wanna spit off
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