Awkword The People's Champions Lyrics

Feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Punchline and Beretta 9

Yo. Put your fucking champagne down
The revolution is coming
Let's get it cracking, you motherfuckers
People's Champion right here, let's do this


Right is right, (get 'em), wrong is wrong
Sick of all the mis-advice, why I'm singing this song
Hating how you live your life, why you're singing along
I'm The People's Champion, Torah, Bible, Koran

Compassionate person who's always cared about people
On the rooftop of the building, picking them off, I've gone lethal
Ain't nobody ever understand, but in death we're all equal
Mother fuck, I know you don't get it, obsessed that killing's not legal
Wow, I'm called evil, that's why it ain't nice to meet you
It's so simple to me, I view this shit as if it's see through
Rock a tattoo of the Star of David, the sacrificial Hebrew
Cleaning up the world's mess, that's the dirt that we do
Is it better to be miserable, living your life cursed on this earth
Or better to be delivered in a hearse, to your whole family, it still hurts
The pain is inevitable, plus, the pain is relative
Is it better to be resting in peace, or dragged down by sedatives
To dwell in the present, is to be broken down by the president
But I ain't gon'let that shit happen, not for my Sub-City residents
Call me a renegade, destroyer, sicko, burning my own path
I'm the sick sadistic savior, yo, you're doing the wrong math


The next question, of course, is what happens when we get paper
First thing's first, if they're assholes they're not neighbors
Drag them onto the lawn, slice them slow with rusty razors
Climb up into their cribs, go get it, it's all pay dirt
And don't bother to thank me, I ain't doing this as a favor
I ain't even a real person, fam, my meaning's much greater
Call me Mr. Fucking Durden(?), everybody grab your shaver
We ain't killing them with kindness, we're lighting torches, they're in danger
Pussy politicians, corrupt cop finger itchers
Sick molesting rapists, racists, that's what bitch is
Puss distorted fucks who take they're side, that's what snitch is
That's why we built The People's Army, God forbid this
Gossip guppy scale fishes, they're flushed down toilets of ghetto heavens
All the fallen angel fuck-ups, rocking halos and weapons
The never settled war veterans, these are my brethren
I deliver medicine, the reality dose, the bitter end


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