Murs & 9th Wonder The Pain Lyrics

Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Bad Man!
  • 3 3:16
  • 4 The Pain
  • 5 Trevor an' Them
  • 6 Freak These Tales
  • 7 H-U-S-T-L-E
  • 8 Walk Like a Man
  • 9 And This Is For...
  • 10 The Animal
  • [chopped samples repeating throughout the song]
    The rain - rain - (rain) - on my face
    In the rain - rain - to hide my pain - on my..
    Hey I like to go out in the rain - rain - (rain)
    On my face - in the rain - rain - to hide my pain - on my..
    Hey I like to go out in the..

    [Verse 1]
    See I'm a single black male, dark hair, dark eyes
    Long walks through a park and a lot of them lives
    I'm a little bit shaded by a lot of what I see
    So if you're still interested you should come get at me
    Cause I'm tired of getting shot down, put down and dissed
    I wanna be picked up, held tight and kissed
    But things like these don't happen to dudes like me
    Because I'm more Coldplay than I am Ice-T
    They say that good girls love bad guys and that might be
    But a bad girl with a good guy, that's unlikely
    So what's a man to do to get to hold hands with you?
    Do I talk s___ and stand and look hard with my crew?
    I don't know what to do, so I drown in my drink
    It helps to numb the pain, cause when I sit and think about it
    Eyes get clouded, thoughts get crowded (thoughts get clouded)
    So I'ma sit right here, wait for you to talk about it
    In the.. c'mon

    [Verse 2]
    Said she had a boyfriend, just trying to be nice
    But I've heard the same lines from different women all night
    Too easy let down, but don't let it get you down
    s___, that's what my boys told me, but end of the night
    I was still sitting lonely, if only I could find 'em
    Without all the drama, without the one-liners
    Excuse me miss, hey mam, you got a man, what's ya name?
    I'm in my mid-twenties so enough with the games
    Simply put I think you're stunning, and what about some kids?
    A couple dogs, a couple cars, a four bedroom crib?
    Look, I'm not trying to jib, I'm just speaking from the heart
    But we can start with a drink if you wanna play it smart
    She looking at my boy who got two kids at home and
    I know how it goes, here's his number telephone and
    He does the girl's turf, and I know you're smelling on him
    But every b____ needs a dog, so I guess that's why you want him

    [Verse 3]
    I try to be settle, but even flirting got me shooked
    I would never get a smile, all I got was dirty looks
    And my self-esteem is low enough, I got teased growing up
    And what I do, I beat 'em up, but that only made me tough
    It didn't get me girls, or notes in class
    Same girls who used to tell, when I would pinch their a__
    But if another boy did it, then they would get gritty
    So I pretended the handball was their face when I hit it
    And I admit it's part the reason why I'm do em like I do
    And women in my life, there has only been two
    My mother being one, and the other one is done
    So my philosophy on dating is; ain't no fun
    Cause they come and they go, and even if they don't c__
    They still have to go, girl I give the best head
    But you just wouldn't know, cause you stuck up in some diddy
    But even if you dissed me, I ain't mad

    Go on do that yo with yo pretty as..
    You looked better coming..
    No wait, you looked better going than you did coming
    Her a__ is amazing. High five for Jesus
    Keep making 'em like that
    Just make 'em with half a brain so maybe they'll talk to me

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