Valhalla The Outlaw Lyrics

Once Upon a Time Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Awakening
  • 2 Ride of Norsemen
  • 3 Metalopolis
  • 4 Resurrection (Shadow of the King - Part 2)
  • 5 Egypt
  • 6 The Outlaw
  • 7 To the Other Side
  • 8 Born by Metal
  • 9 The Oak
  • 10 Hymn of Victory
  • 11 Humans
  • The Outlaw

    [M/L: Jevo]

    Listen, I´m an outlaw
    Riding to live and living to ride.
    Wanted for my misdeeds
    Yes, I am wanted dead or alive.

    Born of a wolf and a rattlesnake
    Strong whisky runs through my veins
    Black is my horse, like the wings of Death
    As I ride through desert plains

    Ride like the wind over prairies and cannyons
    The reward for my head´s so high
    But I laugh, gallows will wait!

    Trainraids, banks and ranches
    Gold and dollars, I rob without rest.
    Faster than my shadow
    I'm the fastest gunman in the West.

    Watch out your back when I'm on the run
    For even the redskins fear me
    Riots and women at the saloons
    Playin' poker I always cheat

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