Hades The Other Lyrics

Exist to Resist Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Exist to Resist
  • 2 Rape of Persephone
  • 3 Doubt
  • 4 Colorblind
  • 5 Deter-My-Nation
  • 6 Throughout Me, Threw Out You
  • 7 Second Degree Sleepwalking
  • 8 A (G)
  • 9 The Other
  • 10 The Leaders '95
  • You've been crashing down ?
    But then we'd all know what if something ? to entice us even more

    The ? is yours sometime to spite in disguise
    Where your deepest fears and secrets hide

    Demon over mind, it's all inside you
    If you only knew, the other is just you

    My name is allegiance. for we are many
    We're not confined by any law or prayer
    Your torture and destruction ?
    In life, who told you life was ever fair

    Oh no

    You think you've finally met the debt, well guess again
    You're only playing with ?, a blind child


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