Paul Colman Trio The One Lyrics

PC3 Live - Electric Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Your Sweet Voice
  • 2 Run
  • 3 Dip
  • 4 The Sun, the Stars and the Moon
  • 5 I Dream
  • 6 The Banquet Table
  • 7 In the Middle
  • 8 See My Baby Tonight
  • 9 The One
  • 10 Sundown
  • 11 Turn
  • When I was young I used to go to everyone
    Just to try to find a love
    Something real something I could really feel
    I tried to fill the blackest hole
    In this heart of mine
    I ran and ran around the world
    To see who I could find

    Are you the One I've been looking for?
    The One I've been searching for?
    The One I've been looking for?

    Every time I'd say that I was super fine
    But if you took a look inside
    You would see the opposite of harmony
    I was crying for a melody
    I just needed you to be the song
    I looked at you and shut the door
    Well maybe I was wrong

    You're the kind of one
    Who's gonna push right through
    You're gonna steal my heart
    Then I won't know what to do
    I try to build a wall I try to keep you out
    But you keep on coming
    And you won't slow down
    I've never really known how a love can feel
    I got the walls of a city and a heart of steel
    You take the city gates
    And you push right through
    And I try to stop your loving
    Even though I want you to

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