DMX The Omen Lyrics

(You right here shorty told you I got you
Like the way I scooped you when those fagget *****z shot you?
I'ma hold you down and I mean that for real)
But every time you beef with a ***** I end up havin' to kill
(Ain't like that and hey forget about them 2 kids
'Bout to do a deal somethin' nice as you is)
Oh you think
(Nah I'm just playin' what's up?
I got some new *****es, I know you tryin' to ****)
Not really
(What? I ain't your man no more?
Because a *****, don't need a hand no more?
You know how we do, if one goes sore
You'll take the ***** and go up in the roar)
It's like now
Where you goin'
I ain't trying to take it
****in' with a ***** like you, I won't make it
(It'll be what it is)
Yo, you in for the night?
I'm 'bout to take it to the crib
(You get home alright?)

[Chorus: Marilyn Manson]
The snake
The rat
The cat and the dog
How you gonna live
When you're in the fog?

I ain't ****in' with this *****, no more
Word to my mother
**** 'em, so ya know 'em for sure
Word to my brother
It's like he's gotten worse than before
Son of I wonder
What type of dirt this ***** got in store for me to get under
Then I get a call
(X, Luis just killed your cousin, underneath the projects
Don't get back, them *****s will pay, then I got you, told you I got
Yo, I got you)
I'm in a catch 22
But them *****s gotta pay
But I know he's gonna be askin' for a favor one day
But **** it
I ain't got no choice in the matter
Them fagots killed my peep
And I want to see him splatter
(That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, we ain't on no ***** hit
And use the same gun that you killed them 2 kids with
Is that hard to live with?)
(See, you still a playa)
But what you want from me?
(I'll tell you later)


**** is all over the news
Bomb goes off in central
What the **** have I gotten myself into?
My mental is like
Get the **** outta there
I'm out
(Hey, goin' somewhere?)
(What the bag for?)
**** it, what you want?
(Can a ***** come inside for a minute, and puff a blunt?)
Here we go again
(After what I just gave you, with you actin' like that
When you asked for that favor)
Yo, I ain't ask you for ****
(Oh yes you did, when you really needed something, and you was out,
You did

You sold me your soul, when you didn't say no
Just let a ***** go, and give me what you owe
**** what you think, ain't **** for free
And a ************ you know, can't defeat me)
Forgive me father, for I have sinned
And with your help I know, the devil won't win

[Marilyn Manson]
Here we are on our way to hell
We're gonna do it, and we do it well
This is Marilyn Manson, DMX, Ruff Ryders
(repeats and distorts til end)

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