Valhalla The Oak Lyrics

Once Upon a Time Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 The Awakening
  • 2 Ride of Norsemen
  • 3 Metalopolis
  • 4 Resurrection (Shadow of the King - Part 2)
  • 5 Egypt
  • 6 The Outlaw
  • 7 To the Other Side
  • 8 Born by Metal
  • 9 The Oak
  • 10 Hymn of Victory
  • 11 Humans
  • The Oak

    [M/L: Jevo]

    There´s a place in the wood
    Where The Oak has been there through the ages
    On its bark magic runes
    Written by the old wizards and witches

    It´s midnight and darkness surrounds us
    Thick mist is here
    Wolves howl at the moon, hear them crying
    Bewitchment starts

    The oak will show its secret
    Will-o-the-wisps will light our way
    Head for the path to glory
    To a place where dreams come true
    Witchcraft and incantation
    Don´t break the spell, the charm goes on
    Beyond the realms of reality
    Tonight we´ll cross the gates of space and time

    So dark is the night
    Imps, goblins and fauns dance together
    Hear the wind, don't take fright
    Take this potion and you´ll live forever my friend

    Bats, mushrooms and toads in a couldron
    And you will fly
    Black magic to invoke ancient spirits
    They never died

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