Atmosphere The Number One Lyrics

Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9 Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Sunshine
  • 2 The Number One
  • 3 RFTC
  • 4 Mattress
  • 5 Don't Forget
  • Her name was Stephanie something
    She lived out in Richville, right off of Portland
    I'm talking bout back in the ninth grade
    Still had a pony tail, couldn't grow a high fade
    Used to take the 5 way out to the suburbs
    Waitin at the bus stop, there was my lovebird
    She would get on, sit down, scoot me over
    And smile with a jheri curl restin on my shoulder
    And we would hit the mall together
    Maybe hold each other's hand or share a Dr. Pepper
    And all we ever did was kiss, no sex
    But in our defense, there was never any stress

    On the phone late at night when I'm supposed to be in bed
    Mama doesn't know I'm talking to Lynette
    I had a lot of sweet nothing to say
    You could say a whole lot of nothing has changed to this day
    We was fourteen, but she had breasts
    Although we was both too young for anything sexual
    Just wanted her to know that she was special
    She used to write me notes, do you like me, yes no?
    And I don't know if it was practice for later
    But both of us would break up back to spend time together
    I don't ever remember trying to make her feel bad
    Back then we didn't see things like that

    There used to be a spot called the Boulevard theatre
    And as a kid when a movie came out I would see it there
    Sneakin in to the R-rated feature
    I think I was fifteen, that's how I met Lisa
    She showed up with a group of fly girls
    So me and my crew was in superfly world
    After the flick we all went outside
    Paired off, took a walk into that night
    I can't imagine that happening now
    The inner sense is gone and all the magic ran out
    I wonder if my son will get to understand the fun
    That comes from the summer with the one you call the one

    There used to a be a fear and a nervousness
    But back then it wasn't cause of domestic disturbances
    It used to just hurt your heart
    But now it's not enough until it rips the universe apart
    Got to see a lot of love when I was a kid
    Heartbreak made me wanna die but I never did
    So this is for my own babysitter,
    Wanted to sneak out and fall asleep by the lake with ya
    Smells like candy, felt like family
    For every girl that ever held me in the back seat
    Used to vision being love struck with em
    Till I got blindsided by these grown-up women Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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