Annihilator The Nightmare Factory Lyrics

All for You Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 All for You
  • 2 Dr. Psycho
  • 3 Demon Dance
  • 4 The One
  • 5 Bled
  • 6 Both of Me
  • 7 Rage Absolute
  • 8 Holding On
  • 9 The Nightmare Factory
  • 10 The Sound of Horror
  • 11 Dr. Psycho (edit)
  • I am drifting off to somewhere
    Anywhere sounds good to me
    But as I fade into darkness
    Something's happening to me
    Slipping, failing, demon's calling
    Spiders crawling, dogs are mauling
    Walls are closing, tumor growing
    Reaper's sewing, blood is flowing
    Wake up screaming
    As I lay my head back down
    Soaked and shaking, trembling
    Please just let me slip into a
    Good night's rest
    Vision failing, broken railing
    Tumbling off the wall you're scaling
    Skin is peeling, body stealing
    Total loss of any feeling

    Guilty pleasure, deadly weather
    Terrified to be together
    Snakes are hissing, kid went missing
    Crying out but no one's listening

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