The-Night-Time's-For-You-lyrics-Steppenwolf/DA649DB27FD5DF9B48256DD70026B0FAThe-Night-Time's-For-You-lyrics-Steppenwolf/DA649DB27FD5DF9B48256DD70026B0FAThe-Night-Time's-For-You-lyrics-Steppenwolf/DA649DB27FD5DF9B48256DD70026B0FAThe-Night-Time's-For-You-lyrics-Steppenwolf/DA649DB27FD5DF9B48256DD70026B0FAThe-Night-Time's-For-You-lyrics-Steppenwolf/DA649DB27FD5DF9B48256DD70026B0FAThe-Night-Time's-For-You-lyrics-Steppenwolf/DA649DB27FD5DF9B48256DD70026B0FA Steppenwolf Lyrics

Steppenwolf Lyrics

You're hair hangs under black silk
The gown you wear blows in the wind
You're one of the devils best friends
Your burning eyes are doin' me in

The Night Time's for you, yeah the Night Time's for you
The Night Time's for you, yeah the Night Time's for you

You think up evil and sin
And take away everything that I own
Talk in symbols and signs
That goes beyond anything that I've known

Repeat Chorus

Does the night give you power just to rule over me
I've been waiting for the hour 'til your chains set me free
Set me free, set me free, set me free


Full moon shines in your eyes, a bell tolls
Keeps ringin' the hour
The birds you keep, scream to be free
And like a bird I'm under your power

Repeat Chorus

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