The Getaway Plan The New Year Lyrics

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Touch me
You'd never touch me
You'd never
Your silver smile has once again controlled me
No need to put this on me
You are the one and only thing I need
Trust in me, I'll show you things you've never seen
This town never felt the same
Since the sun went down I don't feel so safe
Your face is such a mess
And the wine on your breath shows gracelessness
So deceiving
Let it go your hands are right in front of me
Cracking up and, the sound of the new year saviour
Pen on paper
(This is what I get)
No need to do this baby
The sex it drives me crazy
You begin to break me in
Tell me what you need
So you throw it away
All this f*cking dismay
And now you're back in your skin
There will be terror at the sight of this...
She only knows how to stay awake in here

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