Dies Irae The Nameless City Lyrics

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The ocean of desert
In halfway between
Dream and real world
Called Ubar
Called Irem
What have you concealed?
Cyclopean city
Capital of the undead
Bodies of the higher race
Bearing within cavern
Subterranean world
Half- reptilian beings
They are waiting
And this day will come
Strangers and followers
Great pillars
Abhorrent structures
Passion and taint
Empty quarter of our world
Sordid minds of generation
From beyond
Symbol of all
What is condemned

Immolated Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Zohak
  • 2 Message of Aiwaz
  • 3 Sirius B
  • 4 Immolated
  • 5 The Nameless City
  • 6 Bestride Shantak
  • 7 Turning Point
  • 8 Hidden Lore
  • 9 Lion of Knowledge
  • 10 Unheavenly Salvation
  • 11 Fear of God
  • 12 Blasphemous Words

  • Written by: Krzysztof Raczkowski, Lukasz Szurminski, Maurcy Stefanowicz

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