Tonex The Naked Truth Lyrics

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I know the truth now, and I feel like crying, but I'm not sad.
I feel like yelling, but I'm angry.
I feel like screaming, but I'm not scared, I'm not afraid no more.
And I got out alive nigga, I peeled off layers of bullshit, and falsehood.
I peeled off years of slander and embarrassment.
The fight in this school for being called out my name.
I peeled off the first day Deon Macgriff called me that name.
My core is strong, my abs are tight.
Forget the six pack nigga, try ten pack aight.
I'm black, but I don't resent being called a nigga.
I took the power from origin and made it a trigger.
I'm wiser, I'm thicker, I'm sexy, I'm bold.
I'm Hot, I'm Next, I'm Saved to the bone.
I'm Prophet, I'm singer, I'm Rapper.
My Swagger is corporate, My thug life is dapper.
I got out just in time, before I lost my mind.
I'm cool, I'm good, I'm alright, I'm fine.
I'm as fine as the hell, I've been delivered from.
I'm not a symbolical, even though my nephew is one.
I got my cock back, no longer castrated.
I'm re feared, and loved, applauded, and hated.
But I'm a keep coming back, I love to be underrated.
So I can prove their ass wrong, and you can copy and paste it.
If you beat my ass up, it ain't because I'm afraid.
I'll never lose my heart of courage, I'll say it to your fucking face.
You stabbed me in the back, but I got back up.
You tried to deface me, and smash me, but I got back up.
I never thought that I had the strength to man back up.
But now I stand with both my middle fingers, stuck right up.
Yup, I did it, I made it, The Genius, the fagot.
The weirdo, the homo, the hobo, the magnet.
cause' I keep drawing your ass back, you want to see more.
Give me three years, and I'll spark a revival bigger then William J. Seymour. Baptizing all the people that your ass can't reach.
Use my hands to grab a basin, and wash my enemies feet.
Don't judge a tree, by its fruit, you gotta go to the root.
There's nothing y'all can say to me, it's to late get out, you just a ?????.
Your city is like the smog in L.A. I'm not Gay, I'm a real man, come see me, I'm Tonex nigga.
(And I'm the naked truth x2)
[Tonex Talking]
Come see me money.
I already done, lost everything, I already lost everything, so I'm crazy.
That's right, That's right, I got your fagot. I got your bitch.
I got your rumors, I got your switch.
It's that preacher that touched me when I was fucking six.
Did you know that?

Lets rock it, lets go to the terror dome.
I'll go on and on, and never stop my growth.
Cause I'm growing, I'm moaning in the spirit.
I'm coming out free, I'm coming out sanctified, just watch and see me.
You can't stop me! It's to late! I'm rocking the mic.
And yo I'm rocking the stage, and Jesus Christ is still the light.
Don't get it twisted, I'm still representing to the fullest.
Acts 2:38 is tattooed to my right arm, I keep it rookie.
You better see me, Sucker, Suckers, I representing, till I die.
You ain't going to stop me, you can put a gun up to my face.
But I will never be afraid, because I'm saved by grace.
Nigga you don't really want it, from T-bizzy, Tonex, Black Maverick all day.
Representing all day, and I'm doing it, And I'm spilling it, And I'm grooving, and I'm Smashing it, I'm rocking it, And I'm backing it, and Parking it, and I'm rocking it, and then I put it in my socks, and I throw it, Nigga, Jocking.

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