Tyga The Motto Lyrics

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T raw skinny nigga big balls
Fuck around get dragged group ball
You funny little nigga Duval
Out of this world told em re call
Caught a bitch let her see saw
Sought of like donkey like an ass nigga, he haw
Ha, run round in the 'rarri with the top off
While you in the window, man I'm probably on my next car
Aight, Mighty dook with the ice on

Real alien nigga truck with the gun drawn
Drawing on your face you're a clown jack in the box
Boy that's your bop, she my new poom poom star,
Stars in the back,
Then Homies they don't act, acting brand new
Fuck her never call her back
Man fourth take got the bitch running back
Damn, That's the motto you don't know it's like that

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