The Partisans The Money Rolls In Lyrics

The Time Was Right Track Listing
Vinyl 1
  • 1 I Never Needed You
  • 2 Anger And Fear (Your All Alone)
  • 3 The Money Rolls In
  • 4 Only 21
  • 5 Time Was Right
  • 6 White Flag
  • 7 17 Years (live)
  • 8 Change (live)
  • 9 Arms Race (live)
  • 10 Come Clean (live)
  • 11 Overdose (live)
  • 12 Partisans (live)
  • 13 Blind Ambition (Studio version)

  • Trying hard not to show someone you care
    Telling people that there's something new each year
    For 52 weeks that's all i hear

    The days just pass me by
    But still you lay right there before me
    Hide beneath your color spread
    Still yet to prove your story
    Guitars scream out
    And everyone shouts
    As though everything's all by the way
    But the money rolls in
    And the image wears thin
    And you fall at the end of the day

    You've told so many lies
    Your different faces i despise
    20,000 voices strong
    20,000 can't be wrong

    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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