Versus the Night The Mistake Lyrics

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to step aside and leave the floor
to those more qualified to lead
this twisted dance with all it's spins
and sequences....
so hard to find a
pattern lost within this passion
that's just beginning to touch us,
provoke us into movement and thought.

And don't
forget the reason why you came here,
let the pretty ink take over.
It's time to step aside....
Come on,
you've been called out,
you're on to something here,
you belong in this mistake that's gone
before it even starts.

And there we have
the ironic
that hurts to even watch....

so iconic so passe,
so here and now so yesterday,
so cutting edge so cut me down

and let me bleed my thoughts dry on this page
cos I'm the boy who makes you swoon
with my charm and "sparkle sparkle" repartee.
You ache so much to be like me.

There Is No Such Place as Away Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 (By Way of a Polite Introduction) Your Gang's Done Gone Away.
  • 2 Johnny Alpha Is Dead
  • 3 Hey, Lazerlips!
  • 4 Wood and Gold
  • 5 I Ate Civilization (It Poisoned Me; I Was Defiled. And Then I Ate My Wickedness)
  • 6 For You
  • 7 We Have Just Lost Cabin Pressure
  • 8 Click Click
  • 9 The Mistake
  • 10 (By Way of a Fond Farewell) Life's a Glitch, and Then.....
  • 11 [untitled]
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