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Thrice Lyrics

ark me with fear, I'm trembling
Send someone else instead
I know my world is ending
I can't repay my debt

Can I carry such a heavy burden?
Can I move when I am paralyzed?
I see a fire behind a heavy curtain
I lean in closer and I close my eyes

Kiss the coals, breathe in smoke
And I say, "Here I am, send me"
Lifts my soul, free and so unafraid
"Here I am, send me, send me"
Free and so unafraid
"Here I am, send me"

Mark me with fire and
Send me among the living dead
They cannot comprehend me
I watch the sickness spread

Now, can they hear me when their hearts are hardened?
Now, can they see me when they close their eyes?
So let me tell you I'm an easy target
A wooden saw is quite a way to die


"Here I am, send me"

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