Ed Gein The Marlboro Man Is a Douche Bag Lyrics

It's a Shame a That Family Can Be Torn Apart by Something as Simple as a Pack of Wild Dogs Track Listing
  • 1 You Suck at Life...and I'm Not Talking About the Board Game
  • 2 The Marlboro Man Is a Douche Bag
  • 3 A Way to Kill Old People
  • 4 Nice Shoes...Wanna Fuck?
  • 5 I Wish You the Best...
  • 6 ...and by the Best I Mean Worst
  • 7 Beating a Dead Horse
  • 8 What Is This Monstrosity?!
  • Light up another one, you inconsiderate shit head
    You're infringing on my right to breathe clean air
    For all of us who like our lungs the way they are
    Go smoke a shotgun instead

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