Beastie Boys The Maestro Lyrics

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Who is the man coming down your block
It’s me you see with the funk in my walk
’cause I’m doin’ just what I like to
Today is my day and I’m a get nice too
You gotta keep movin’ and you can’t say nothing
I’m a keep bouncin’ and bumpin’ and stuffin’
One thing you ought to know---i am the maestro


I feel like rufus thomas the crown prince of dance
I’m mike d and I’m known for romance
I’m the crazy baldhead with the part on the side
And I’m riding down the block like I’m on a water slide
’cause it’s the type of day I feel like pressing my luck
’cause I got nothing to lose ’cause I don’t give a fuck
See I’m a player I play don’t play to win I play to show
I am the maestro!

(routine, then speech)
Who is the man.

Written by: Adam Horovitz, Adam Nathaniel Yauch, Michael Louis Diamond
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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