Narnia The Lost Son Lyrics

Long Live the King Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Gates of Cair Paravel
  • 2 Living Water
  • 3 Shelter Through the Pain
  • 4 The Mission
  • 5 What You Give Is What You Get
  • 6 The Lost Son
  • 7 Long Live the King
  • 8 Dangerous Game
  • 9 Star Over Bethlehem
  • 10 Shadowlands (Outro)
  • I've Been A Drifter For So Many Years
    I'm Running Around In Endless Circles
    Confusion And Despair
    Oh, It's Always There
    Oh, Lord Please Take It Away

    I Am So Alone
    I'm Longing Back For Home
    When I Hear The Sound In The Air
    In The Air

    Far Away, Far Away
    I Hear The Distant Call
    Far Away, Far Away
    It Is The Father's Call
    Oh Father, Oh Father
    Lost Son Is Coming Home
    Oh Father, Oh Father
    I'm Coming Back To Stay

    I Should Have Listened To Your Words
    I Closed The Door And Went My Own Way
    So Cold, So Empty
    It's Driving Me Insane
    Oh Lord, Please Take It Away Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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