Atmosphere The Loser Wins Lyrics

To All My Friends, Blood Makes the Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Until the Nipple's Gone
  • 2 The Major Leagues
  • 3 Scalp
  • 4 The Best Day
  • 5 Americareful
  • 6 Hope
  • 7 The Loser Wins
  • 8 Shotgun
  • 9 Commodities
  • 10 The Number None
  • 11 Freefallin'
  • 12 To All My Friends
  • [Slug]
    You know you fucked up right?
    Bye bye, wish you luck with life
    But I'd be damned if, I let you manage
    to bless that blade and keep taking advantage
    Look man, yeah you shook my hand
    But that was back then, we're not good fam
    I'm the fool cause I started to be cool with him
    But I got schooled in the art of opportunism
    I ain't the only one that walked away
    Look around, everybody gone today
    You all alone with your empty chest
    So bury the bones with any regrets
    and keep those skeletons piled in stacks
    Just drink your medicine, don't bite your glass
    I tried to make a difference
    But the only thing that changed was I gave you distance

    [Chorus: 2X]
    I won't trust you again
    Getting better at choosing friends
    This time the loser wins
    Cause I learned how to cut off the looser ends

    I'm not tripping, this just an excuse
    for me to dick down a little bit of the truth
    We killing time and time's killing us
    So I won't waste mine tryna grip a grudge
    But don't twist it into what it isn't
    Don't call, don't write, don't visit
    I put you on ignore, you're not the homie anymore
    The only thing that you could show me is the door
    Game over, yeah who's winning?
    Save your gas, I refuse to listen
    If you doing math, we doing division
    Don't even ask how I've been, there's no you in existence
    Go your way, I'll go my way
    And you keep going until there's no one to violate
    And I'ma remember your last impression
    Thanks for that lesson

    [Chorus: 2X]

    Now I lay you down to sleep
    I swear to God you're dead to me
    If I should give you any thought
    It's just to teach self how to not
    Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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