DJ Fresh The Looking Glass Lyrics

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If you had just one chance to take a look through the Looking Glass
To see the truth for one brief instant would you take it?
Do you use it to look at the past or look at the future?
Would you look at yourself or look at the ones you love?
Would you share it with another or would you keep it a secret?

What if you were the Looking Glass?
What if everyone were just like you?
What if their lies were your lies?
Their loves your loves? What then?
Would you lay aside ignorance and prejudice?
Would you stand up and fight for what you believe in?
Would you pick it up or would you put it down?
The Looking Glass
Escape from Planet Monday Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Nervous
  • 2 The Pink Panther
  • 3 All That Jazz
  • 4 Babylon Rising
  • 5 Closer
  • 6 X Project (intro)
  • 7 X Project
  • 8 The Immortal
  • 9 Submarines (Domestic Cold War edit)
  • 10 Funk Academy (intro)
  • 11 Funk Academy
  • 12 The Looking Glass
  • 13 All Strung Out (Thunder VIP)
  • 14 Throw (intro)
  • 15 Throw / [unknown]
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