1-800-Zombie The Long Shot Lyrics

Holy Shit Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Holy Shit
  • 2 200ths Time the Charm
  • 3 Boner Jamz, Volume 1
  • 4 Unicorn
  • 5 Crip Walken
  • 6 Burger Party!
  • 7 Yo Shit Is Wack
  • 8 Doctor Sif
  • 9 The Long Shot
  • 10 Taco Party!
  • 11 Heart and Seoul
  • c'mon kids you know you want to party
    just be sure to not bring bacardi
    we are the kids who are posi here
    so remember to bring some root beer

    we are the kids who control your heart
    our controllers are doing their part
    with a slight push of a button
    you know you're booty will be bumpin

    get crunk!

    my room always welcomes the downs and jesse jackson
    and at the end of the night, everyone's getting action
    meet the brian peppers of my high school
    i know this girl that thinks old men are really cool

    megadeth operates the in 817
    give us a call, hit us up
    18z gettin' crunk!

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