Poisonblack The Living Dead Lyrics

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Eyelash dead on a pale white cheek Couldn't stay awake to bleed I drank long and deep from the fount unwillingly pouring it in What I did suck from that scentless mouth was the taste of the nothing What is the life for the dead at heart? What my soul is concealing this life unforgiving cannot take away from me It's buried so deep within And so I confide in you For nothing compares to you I live in the moment and in the faith that it gives I wanted but could not outlive the pain...constantly taking the blame I wanted but could not smother the flame and then I heard you scream out my name I've found the life for the dead at heart And as I close my eyes I see everything So much clearer than ever before And as I step inside to feel everything... I am still the living dead Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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