Falling Up The Light Beam Rider Lyrics

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We are drifting in and out of time once again
A moment with suspended hours
All the while oblivious to casts from the grave
Some quiet poised and waiting aim

We are no more than criminals to take what we never had
And across the night there's some criminal who gives what we never had

This is the life everyone has
Dangerous in, dangerous out

So take your heart and cut some holes out breathe in slower speeds
Let gravity take its heed
Of rhythms in a mellatronic rise and recede
A tragical note resonates

We are no more than criminals to take what we never had
No greater love comes from all we know, a grace, like we've never had

Love take hold when leaving this home
Take hold when leaving this home

But all we know are the things that float between stars and our extremities
And when we die there are holes the size of the things we fear would be left behind
Your Sparkling Death Cometh Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Circadian
  • 2 The Wonder
  • 3 Blue Ghost
  • 4 Diamnds
  • 5 The Light Beam Rider
  • 6 Oceans
  • 7 Mscron
  • 8 Vates
  • 9 Forms and Shapes
  • 10 Slow Waves
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