The Distillers The Hunger Lyrics

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Holy eyes, I never knew I'd beg down at your feet.
Hold on tight, I never knew I'd know much more than this.
Open sky, the wave of pain, the scent of you is bliss.
Hungry eyes, they stare at me.. I know, I know..
Don't go.
Summertime, the taste of saint secretes perfume mist.
Console the mind, I take it in, lips of pink I kiss.
Lonely sky, the more you take the more I give in.
Holy eyes, I never knew, I know, I know..
Don't go.
Hold onto the memory, it's all you got.
I know you'll be there to soak up blood lost, blood lost, blood loss.
Yeah yeah yeah..yeah...yeah yeah yeah...yeah...ohh ohh whoaa..whoa..ohh... Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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