Rasputina The Humanized Mice Lyrics


He says, "What we're really worried about is creating some sort of creature that would be functioning like a human being, yet have strong animal-like features.

Grotesque mutations have been reported.

Certainly, if the mouse stood on its hind legs, if it stood on its hind legs and said, 'Hi, I'm Mickey!' we'd be worried. We'd be more than worried," the doctor said.

We are moving rapidly into a post-Darwinian era, an era when species will no longer exist. Once the general public gets the hang of genetic engineering, there will be an explosion of monstrous creations. Designing creatures will be a new art form as creative as painting or sculpture. Few of the new creations will be masterpieces, but all will bring joy to their creators and diversity to our fauna and flora.

A 60 million-year-old mouse that had a rare and poisonous bite?
The humanized mice?
They will have to explain themselves.

What if the human mind somehow got trapped inside of a sheep's head?
What if - What if - What if

Although constitutional prohibitions against slavery prevent the patenting of people, some of my best friends are clones.

Topping seasonal wishlists, uncertainties about the health and lifespan of clones persist. On the underside of the aging spaceship, genetic replicas of existing dogs thrive alongside tiny bodies hidden in flowerpots in a sand-filled fishtank.

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